We have had some wonderfully creative brides here at Vecoma at the Yellow River. These brides have used wedding cakes and groom’s cakes to make a statement!

A wedding cake really sets the tone for the wedding day. A simpler cake tells your guests that you’re having a more classic or laid back event, while an ornate confection communicates that your guests are about to experience a similarly fancy event! Here are some of the gorgeous cakes that have been at Vecoma. Notice how each communicates something about the bride’s personal style and the tone of the wedding day!

The groom’s cake is traditionally chocolate, but nowadays the groom’s cake is whatever the groom wants! While some brides prefer to choose a more traditional chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (always a favorite!), some are choosing to have a cake that more directly reflects something about the groom. From flavor to the decorations, there are tons of ways to order a cake that fits your groom!

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