Congrats, Roxanne and Marc!

Roxanne and Marc were married on a beautiful August day at Vecoma at the Yellow River! We love the color combination of green and orange that the couple chose. Congratulations to the newlyweds from all of us here at Vecoma!

The bride chose a beautiful light green for the bridesmaid dresses. It complimented all of her lovely bridesmaids!

Roxanne and her ladies took advantage of the beautiful scenery here at Vecoma to get some stunning pictures! If you’re looking for a picturesque spot for outdoor photos, Vecoma has what you need!

The adorable ringbearer!

We could tell that Marc was thrilled to finally be marrying his lovely bride!

Roxanne was pretty happy, herself! Her dress had such beautiful details…

The handsome couple! This picture really shows off how well the green and orange work together. Congrats, you two!

Gorgeous black and white portrait of the newlyweds.

Having your photograph be in black and white except for one pop of color is a great way to create a memorable and unique picture!

Don’t let family pictures get pushed to the side on your wedding day! You’ll treasure these pictures and memories for the rest of your life!

Wedding cakes don’t have to be white or off white! This wedding cake is a gorgeous shade of light green, and the cascading orange flowers really pop!

Receptions at Vecoma are always a blast! Roxanne and Marc were so fun, and it was an honor to host their special day!

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