Midsummer’s Night Dream

An adorable fairy capturing the bride and grooms kiss afar off.
This bride added the colored crinoline and beads to really bring out
the Midsummer Night’s Dream theme even in her dress.
The evening sun shining over the men with their tuxes and light blue vests.
Great shot of the bright crinoline underneath the brides flowing dress.
The poppin’ pumps were hard to miss.. Look at all that sparkle!
The bride and her sweet daddy in a before wedding pic.
The mother of the bride looking fabulous in her blue, tea length, chiffon dress.
The groom with his lovely mother in teal.
The bridal party looking wonderful in the woods by the river.
Barefoot beauties
Each groomsmen proudly supporting their favorite sports teams.
The father of the bride goofing off with his future son in law.
The cute little girls here were the perfect flower fairies.
These handsome guys did a great job carrying the rings in the lantern.

Flower fairies preparing the way!

Here comes the bride.. smiling from ear to ear!

The handsome grooms awaiting his coming bride.

The newlyweds!

An adorable heart shaped group picture before their balloon release.

Perfect Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding cake
Each table had a different unique fairy on it that sat inside the lighted lantern.
Colorful candy bar that the whole crowd craved.
Roll Tide anyone??
The twinkle of the lights reflecting with the shine of the wedding rings.
A little role-play for the first dances…
And the happy couple escapes through the sea of bubbles!