For whatever reason, it seems like everyone and their brother wants to have an outdoor wedding ceremony these days. Many couples have spent countless nights going back and forth weighing out the pros and cons of indoor v. outdoor ceremonies. Of course, outdoor ceremonies can offer spectacular views. Here at Vecoma at the Yellow River we do tend to boast about our gorgeous outdoor ceremony site, but how could we not? How many venues can you count that are right on a stunning riverbank that don’t require hours of commuting? We’ll wait! :)

However, there are risks involved when selecting an outdoor space. Will it be too hot or cold? What about bugs? Or everyone’s worst nightmare- what if it rains? Sometimes these details become an oversight when planning an outdoor event. Every venue does their best to provide the perfect outdoor experience but sometimes Mother Nature has a different idea. We know brides spend a lot of time toiling over photographs of different venues trying to find their ideal space. Even though pictures are worth a thousand words, you still have to ask the question – “Will there be a plan B?”

The best part about Vecoma is that we have not only a plan B, but also a plan C! Our venue is truly one of a kind and offers outdoor, covered outdoor, and indoor options year-round! Our brides love the flexibility of our space – we are beautiful both inside and out! Sometimes our brides decide to have an indoor wedding just because they can! With the outdoor trend in full-swing many brides are forgetting that indoor spaces can be absolutely transformed to meet any vision imaginable and without the risk of the outdoor elements. You can even bring the outdoors inside with a plethora of flowers and plants to surround the space. But what if it isn’t your first choice?

They say it is good luck for rain on your wedding day, but we know most bride’s disagree on this matter. Often times they feel like their vision for the ceremony will never be the same if they have to move from the outdoors to an indoor space. This is not really the case as most decor can be moved and utilized inside. Since our indoor space is already decorated, there isn’t much to be done in order to transform the room to be just as beautiful as the outdoors. You won’t have to worry about a thing! Rain or shine, we can guarantee that your day will be truly memorable!

Look at some gorgeous highlights from some of our past indoor weddings!