Cassandra and Parker had a beautiful wedding this past July – it was truly a fairytale to remember!


Not a single detail was missed when it came to decorating for their “Alice in Wonderland”-themed wedding!

We absolutely adore Cassandra’s bridal shoes which hold stunning colorful images from the original Alice and Wonderland book!

Cassandra wore a beautiful lace gown and a lovely set of pearls- a very romantic look

We love this gorgeous bouquet arrangement of blush pinks!

Parker looked sharp in this light gray three-piece suit which he finished with a subtle nod to the blush theme in his bow tie

A beautiful capture of their first look!

We love these blush peach gowns for her bridesmaids – a tea-length cut dress was perfect for this theme!

Love these “spilling” teacups that lined the aisle!

A great view of the vow exchange down by the Yellow River

Love the stunning antique chandelier!

Adorable reference to “Tweedledee and Tweedledum dum”

The other stars of the show had to be the flamingo croquet clubs!

The reception was beautiful with this romantic tea party theme!

Loving this unique cake with the tricky uneven layers. We even found the rabbit!

Awesome wedding favors – another perfect nod to the fairytale!

The photobooth even had props to match their Wonderland theme!

Congratulations to the happy couple!