A sweet moment of Arlene and her girl’s helping with the finishing touches

A very important person was in charge of this beautifully hand-crafted ring box

A beautiful pose of the family all together down by the Yellow River!

Arlene carried this stunning cascading bouquet of pink roses.

We can also see the amazing details that went into Arlene’s gown with the beautiful lace and intricate beaded details

Debbie too looked exceptionally polished in this black suit complete with pink vest and kerchief to match the overall theme of the big day

A great group of smiles with this bridal party!

The back deck got a lovely makeover with some gorgeous chiffon drapery at each pillar while each cocktail table was dressed up with alternating colors from the wedding theme

So happy to see this precious shot of little Stella in her pink and black dress!

This tablescape was gorgeous with the pretty pink and white flowers and a few soft candles which gave the room a very romantic feel.

We are loving these black bridesmaids dresses!

The tulle on the gowns was so flow-y and we liked this style that is more unique than more traditional gowns that we often see.

A great shot of this adorable little one bringing down the ring box. We love his outfit – especially the hat!

Debbie makes her way down the aisle with her brother and little Stella!

Arlene carefully makes her way down the aisle escorted by another lifelong and dear friend of hers

Adorable lanterns were hung along the aisle with pink candles and baby’s breath.

The arch was beautifully decorated with flowing chiffon drapery and an amazing floral spray of greenery and pink and blush roses and alstroemeria.


Gorgeous unity candle ceremony display

Look at these cute heart socks the groomswomen and men wore!

The officiant was a dear friend of Arlene and Debbie.

The readings were presented in a lovely embossed book that will forever commemorate their special day

Arlene took some beautiful shots at the old fireplace that she decorated with large pink candles

We love this tablescape with the lanterns and the surrounding greenery and pink alstroemeria- very romantic look!

An emotional first dance

Gorgeous three-tier wedding cake with beautiful pink flowers

Beautiful memorial table

Congratulations to the happy couple!