Game of Thrones Wedding

Medieval bride and groom

We love a good wedding theme and we think this Game of Thrones-inspired wedding takes the cake! Chelsea and Cameron had several little details that made this Fall wedding one to remember.

Chelsea wore a beautiful a-line gown with lace sleeves fit for a queen and a gorgeous jeweled headpiece that could be right out of a fairytale! She had a cascading bouquet of bold red roses and delicate greenery that really popped against her elegant white gown. We love the pose of her with her dragon skull- a beautiful dragon queen! Her bridesmaids were dressed in black with flowing capes which went along well with this medieval theme.

Cameron got his inspiration for his look from none other than the mighty Jon Snow as seen on the Game of Thrones series. Not only did he rock an iconic fur coat but he also had the the two direwolf broaches emblazoned on his chest to represent House Stark, or in this case, House White. His groomsmen also “took the black” and were dressed as other members of the Night’s Watch. Another fun detail about this wedding is that they asked all of their guests to take part in the theme and wear a medieval costume. Even Chelsea’s dad was dressed as a friar!

It was a little chilly this November day so the ceremony took place upon a covered deck that overlooked our vast forest. The two were wed by “Maester” Jack and said their vows to become each other’s sun and stars forever.

The great hall was decorated with candelabras and red rose petals. The two even sat in front of our great stone fireplace behind a table sporting their two House sigils. House Fitzgerald’s Rose and House White’s Direwolf hung proudly to represent their new alliance.