10 Ways to Use a Favorite Color in Weddings

Bride with Groom and Bridal party on deck posing during wedding reception

One of the funnest things to do as a bride is to pick a color that you plan to use throughout your wedding.  For some brides it’s an easy task. However, making this decision for many can be daunting especially if you love lots of colors. When Ayanna and Raymond had a waterfront wedding in Gwinnett just outside Atlanta, Georgia last summer, the bride chose just one favorite color, blue sapphire.    Below are 10 ways to use your favorite color in weddings.

Bridal Party Special Touches

Giving each of your bridesmaid’s a cute robe in your favorite color makes a great bridesmaid’s gift.   Ayanna’s robes are trimmed in lace with bridesmaid’s names embroidered in white as a special touch. Bridesmaids robes are not just great gifts but make for great photos too!  Of course, the bride had a robe of her own in white with her name embroidered in sapphire blue.

Bridesmaids look beautiful in brilliant sapphire blue  bridesmaid dresses.   Another way to use your favorite color is to give your ladies a cute hair comb with flowers.  You could even make these yourself with a little hot glue and silk flowers.  For the men,  the groom and his groomsmen wore sapphire blue ties and pocket squares.  But what really stands out are Raymond’s perfectly matched colored shoes in turquoise blue!

Ceremony Rituals

There are some great rituals to consider when planning your wedding ceremony.  The unity candle is probably the most popular and you can use candles in your favorite color.  The sand ritual is a favorite and the sand comes in all colors under the rainbow.  If you want to celebrate your ethnicity, do what Ayanna and Raymond did!  They jumped the broom which was nicely colored in sapphire blue.

A Pop of Color at Guest Tables

If your budget permits, you can cover chairs and use a brightly colored tie in your special color.  This can give your room a huge pop of color and works well if you want to save on wedding table centerpieces.  If you can ask a friend to do the tying vs. the rental company or venue, you can save bucks too!    Ayanna used white satin chair covers and covered them with turquoise blue bows.  Just one bright color really makes the room shine!  Placing favors in colored boxes at the guest tables place setting is another way to bring color to your tables as well.

If you find yourself torn between what colors to use in your wedding, do what Ayanna did and go with just one favorite color!  It sure will make decision making that much easier and we know you’ll enjoy what you picked!