Heartfelt Moments Can Make a Wedding

Brandi and Michael had a joyous and memorable celebration the evening they tied the knot at our waterfront venue in Gwinnett last June.    By including their children in the wedding, the couple is able to show what means the most to them.  We are excited to share with you how heartfelt moments can make a wedding!

The First Look

Beginning with the first look.  Brandi liked the idea of walking down the stone-paved path by herself to greet her future husband just prior to the official ceremony.  It gave the couple a moment they would not have had otherwise where they can spend time with each other before entertaining family and close friends.  Michael looked absolutely love-smitten when he turned around to see beautiful Brandi!  Be sure to check out her gorgeous bridal gown, veil and cathedral length train.

I Corinthians 13

The outdoor ceremony was full of special touches that made the wedding memorable.  Our favorite is how each row on the bride and groom’s side had a verse from Corinthians 13 etched onto a placard.  The rows also had cute galvanized buckets filled with baby’s breath hanging from S hooks.  The altar’s arbor is decorated with the most beautiful one-sided floral arrangement including white hydrangeas, white lilies and roses, and eucalyptus.  We love how the sides of the arbor are wrapped with a rustic twig garland.

Children in the Ceremony

Their children each had a role to play in the wedding ceremony.  A flower girl dropped fresh rose petals and a young boy carried a sign that read “Here comes your Beauty”.  His brother carried the rings as the ringbearer.  The groom is overcome with emotion as the ringbearer hands the officiant the rings.  Such a poignant moment!

A Glowstick Sendoff

The couple had a ball dancing on the dance floor throughout the evening.  After the cake and more dancing, it was time to call it a night.  The guests lined up outside while waving brightly colored glowsticks.  Congratulations Brandi and Michael!