Fun Brunch Wedding in October

Groom romantically dips bride on the rivers edge

A Bold Fall Color Scheme

Amira and Jason had a super fun brunch wedding this past October here at Vecoma. As we all know, October is the most popular month in the U.S. for a wedding and we can definitely see why! These two were lucky enough to capture the hints of iconic reds and yellows of Fall foliage just starting to peek through. We are loving this color scheme they chose for the big day. Amira’s bridesmaid is wearing a gorgeous deep purple gown which is a hugely popular color for Fall weddings. Jason and his Best Man are wearing classic black suits with complementing vests and ties.

The bouquets and the arrangement on the arch are filled with brilliant orange flowers accented with pops of red and dark purple – a truly stunning combination and another perfect match for Fall. How about these adorable twin flower girls? The most precious picture was captured of these two with cute pink and purple flower crowns. Amira looks fabulous in a flowing A-line gown with a sparkling beaded bodice and a glamourous headpiece to complete the look.

Weddings don’t have to be in the Evening, you know?

You hear the words “Fall” and “October” with weddings and most folks are going to picture an evening affair. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Daytime weddings have a lot to offer and right off the bat you are already getting a more unique wedding by hosting during the day. When you have a daytime wedding, your pictures will have a certain “something” and by that, we mean a different type of lighting that is absolutely gorgeous! Though it was a little overcast on Amira and Jason’s day, the combination with daylight resulted in some really beautiful photos. The foliage and the florals look amazingly lush and creates a really stunning backdrop for their special day. You can also see how the sun shining in our ballroom creates a light and playful romance for their reception.

Remember how we mentioned unique? Daytime weddings get the added benefit of hosting menus that are substantially different than your typical evening affair. Everyone loves brunch and your guests who have become avid wedding-goers will definitely appreciate the different menu. Plus brunch is so much fun to customize and you can incorporate your favorites! Amira and Jason kept with the brunch theme and had a little dessert bar filled with assorted bundt cakes for their guests to enjoy. The wedding cake is also a two-layered full sized bundt cake which is super cool and a nice change from a traditional wedding cake. Your guests love the opportunity to choose a flavor they love!

The best part about this daytime wedding is their send-off. Not only is the lighting perfect but we have captured two fantastic smiles as they walk through a tunnel of pink and orange streamers- a great way to incorporate your wedding colors! Congratulations to these two!