Perfect Navy Blue and Burgundy Theme

Bride and groom promenade on the lawn

Perfect Fall Color Scheme

This past October Jessica and Alex had a beautiful wedding with a perfect navy blue and burgundy theme. These colors are super popular and we think that they truly give off that Fall-feel that many couples are looking for.  To keep in this theme, Alex is wearing a navy blue suit with a dark gray vest and burgundy tie and kerchief. Jessica’s two bridesmaids are also wearing this lovely shade of navy, each in their own full-length, hand-picked gowns. Three groomsmen and even both Fathers contrast nicely by wearing dark gray suits.

Their lovely outdoor ceremony took place down by the Yellow River. The arbor has chiffon drapery in a pretty burgundy. Also attached is a unique hand-made cross made out of decorative branches. This looks fabulous with our wooded landscape! Another fun detail is that Jessica has chosen a more brilliant style of flowers for the bouquets and the arbor arrangement. It’s a really unique assortment that has a very “wildflower” look. There are shades of light blue, blush, red, and yellow flowers of all types. These bright colors showcase really well against the rich navy and burgundy.

Romantic Reception

The ballroom takes on a more clean and classic look with ivory linens and just a touch of navy in the napkins. With a more rustic-chic look, each table has two different tablescapes. One setup has a beautiful silver lantern with a romantic flickering candle inside. Each lantern has a wreath woven with delicate greenery and wooden branches. The other display utilizes that unique floral arrangement which is accompanied by a raised floating candle on a wood slice.

Each place setting has a namecard with watercolor painting and also hand-written names. Also on the tables were elegant thank-you cards from the bride and groom that were emblazoned with their initials and a cute wildflower image. This made for a really nice memorial of the special day for their guests. Another fun wedding favor was the personalized koozies for everyone!  Dessert looks amazing with an elegant 4-tiered wedding cake topped with assorted miniature flowers. Since colors are a huge part of this wedding it is only fitting that they took their leave through a tunnel of colorful glowsticks at the end of the night!