Our Love is Evergreen

Audra and Jacob made their love for each other everlasting this January 22nd at Vecoma at the Yellow River. They tied the knot outdoors in a winter wonderland, proving not even a pandemic can stop love. The forest and flowing river provided a secluded and sacred setting for their dazzling ceremony in beautiful Gwinnett county.

Audra’s First Reveal 

The couple decided to share an intimate first reveal together before the ceremony. Jacob turned his back until Audra came and touched his shoulder. Then the two shared one last romantic kiss together before they were married. A first reveal provides a private moment for the bride and groom, and charming pictures that will warm their hearts. 

Black Velvet if you Please

The bridesmaids wore black velvet dresses to show off their “slow southern style.” The groomsmen also wore black velvet suits, which complimented the rustic elegant theme of the wedding. The velvet also was great for keeping warm during the outdoor ceremony!  

Reception and Send Off

Audra and Jacob’s grand entrance was followed by the couple’s romantic first dance. Vecoma provided an all-inclusive dinner and tasty hot chocolate bar. Complete with marsh mellows, whipped cream, and cinnamon. Finally after a night of dancing and celebrating, the couple went on their final send off.  What better to represent the spark between them then a grand sparkler exit! Vecoma wishes the merry two a happy and healthy marriage!