The pandemic has obviously been very impactful, including with Stephanie and David’s wedding. Having set the date for June of 2020, the couple decided to continue on and get married in their sunroom with an intimate group of people. Stephanie states “The pandemic made us realize our priorities”, not wanting to postpone the rest of their lives together. However, this doesn’t deter the couple from wanting to celebrate their love at a beautiful riverside venue in June of this year. Vecoma at Yellow River, located near Stone Mountain, creates the perfect location for their porch wedding! 

Tastefull Ceremony

Although it was rainy on the day of their wedding, Vecoma is easily able to accommodate and create a beautiful setting for their day regardless. The couple is able to enjoy an outdoor wedding on our large, beautifully set porch. A stunning metal arch adorned with a white draped cloth and flowers, matching the bride’s bouquet, sets the ideal atmosphere for the couple. The cream and sage colors of their wedding look immaculate against the greenery that surrounds the entire pristine venue. The proximity from the porch to the ballroom also allows guests to easily shift to the reception venue.

Lively Reception

Not only does the cream of Stephanie’s dress and David’s suit look perfect for their porch wedding, but it also continues into the reception venue. Vecoma’s classic ballroom allows couples to decorate how they please for their special day. Their stunning three-tiered wedding cake is covered in cream icing with an overlay of swirled piping and flowers. The couple completes their dinner tables with a creative book centerpiece along with individual welcome bags for guests. 


During the ceremony, Stephanie and David personalize their day with a lasso ceremony. It is a tradition to symbolize the unity they are creating. It is typically done by a parent or loved one placing rosary beads, or some other “lasso” around the couple. Truly, a beautiful way to demonstrate their devotion to one another. Additionally, during the reception, the guests participate in the “dollar dance”. This is the practice of pinning money on the newlyweds to symbolize the wish for good fortune to fall upon the couple.

From Dance Classes to the Ballroom

Having met in a Salsa class, dance plays a big role in their love story. On their first date David pretends to have car troubles to ride with Stephanie to their dinner with ballroom friends. He then left his dance shoes in her car, in which they have stayed ever since. 

Their reception doesn’t lack the dance aspect of their relationship. The instructor of the class they met each other in, choreographs the perfect first dance for the couple. Everyone in attendance dances the rest of the night until sending the couple off in a tunnel of glowsticks, vibrant against the night sky.