“Inked” in Winter Wedding Date

Inked in Date

Winter Wedding at Vecoma

During the Covid 19 pandemic Brides and Grooms have been swamped with uncertainty about their wedding date. However Bryan Paul and Jessica decided to make the bold decision to tattoo their wedding date on their shoulder. With the help of the skilled staff at Vecoma at the Yellow River their special day went off without a hitch! Winter Weddings at Vecoma are beautiful!

January is a wonderful month to have a wedding, because many venues have better rates. The couple’s favorite colors of Blue and purple also blended perfectly with the winter wedding scenery. The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore alternating blue and purple ties and dresses to make the wedding pictures pop!

Groomsmen Socks!

An ongoing popular trend at weddings is to let the groomsmen wear something fun! Bryan Paul’s groomsmen all had on special socks from TV shows and movies they liked. Bryan was a big star wars fan, and at during the toast for the couple his groomsmen presented him with a Star Wars Lego set!

Dipping the Bride

Ceremony dip

January Weddings

The ceremony for Bryan Paul and Jessica was beautiful and full of music. Bryan Paul’s father not only served as the officiant but he also played the guitar and sang before the couple read their vows to each other. Having the families participate in the weddings are always fun ways to make the ceremony more personal, and more special to the bride and groom.

However the highlight of the ceremony wasn’t the guitar playing, instead Bryan Paul had spent time before the ceremony practicing “dipping” Jessica to really give their first kiss as husband and wife some flare! Their guests really loved this and they got many cheers from the crowd as they paraded off to start their reception.

Purple & Blue Winter Wedding Reception

Purple and Blue Reception

One creative and economic way to decorate your reception is to let the bridesmaids bouquets be part of the centerpieces. Jessica used mirrors and vases, and then the bridesmaids put their bouquets in the center! Just like the waterfall folded napkins, the bridesmaid’s flowers were purple and blue! The colors complimented the winter scenery for the wedding!

The couple’s wedding cake also resembled their wedding colors. They designed it to reflect the beautiful sky, and the sunrise over their new lives together. It was also very tasty and a wonderful dessert after dinner was served. After dessert the dance floor opened up and the party formed a massive conga line!

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