Elopements and Micro Weddings at Vecoma!

The pandemic had a surprising effect on the wedding industry. Covid-19 took a small wedding trend called “micro-weddings” and made it very popular. Many couples are now deciding to have very small intimate ceremonies with 20 guests or less! They bring their close friends and loved ones. These events are perfect for couples that want something small and private!

Bride and groom taking privatie pictures during a micro wedding

An elopement at Vecoma during may

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding or an elopement/minimoni is a private ceremony with just the bride and groom. These weddings tend to be more intimate because they are smaller and couples are able to customize them to make them more unique. Vecoma at the Yellow River has an all-inclusive elopement package for couples with few or no guests.

A picture of an older couple having an elopement

A picture of the bride and groom by the river at Vecoma

Advantages to a Micro Wedding

There are many advantages to having a Micro Wedding. The most obvious is the price. Micro weddings can be significantly more affordable and leave couples with more money to spend on a honeymoon or new home. Couples that have Micro weddings often save money. Another advantage is that they are easy and fun to plan! When the headcount of an event is twenty people or less, the bride and groom can focus on what is important to them in the planning process.

Picture of a dog with the Bride and Groom

An elopement where the bride is wearing a blue dress and the groom is wearing a Navy Uniform

Is an Elopement right for you?

Couples might decide to have an elopement for many reasons. First and foremost, would be the Covid-19 pandemic. Many Brides and Grooms are having ceremonies where they allow their guests to live stream the event. This is safe for the older guests like the couple’s grandparents, and an easier option for guests who live far away!

Couples also might be attracted to a micro wedding if they were planning on having a destination wedding. Large scale destination weddings can be expensive, but having a micro wedding is a great way to make having a destination wedding more affordable. Micro weddings can also be beautiful and fun to plan.

A samesex couple having an elopement Bride and groom kissing by the river

Vecoma’s Elopement Package

            Vecoma at the Yellow River  has an all-inclusive elopement package that can help make your micro wedding fun and easy to plan. The package includes one and a half hours of the full venue and the grounds. It also comes with a officiant included, as well as a speaker to play music. Vecoma can also provide a photographer and a champagne toast for your guests!

If you would like to read more about Vecoma’s package, click here!

Outdoor ceremony by the water Elopement by the waterfront