“Wedding!” at the Disco


A picture of the entire Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Jarett carrying Chelsea down the aisle

Chelsea & Jarrett

Chelsea and Jarrett tied the knot on Tuesday, January 18th , 2022. Tuesday is not always the most popular day for a wedding. Chelsea and Jarrett met in high school exactly six years before their wedding 1/18/2016. It was very important to the couple that they got married the same day they met! Not only did they have a beautiful ceremony, but they also got to take advantage of Vecoma’s great weekday rates!

Chelsea and Jarrets weddings program that outlines their relationship Back of wedding program Bridal Cake

Customized Wedding

Chelsea and Jarrett filled their wedding with decorations and ideas that were uniquely “them.” The couple’s favorite band was Panic at the Disco, and Chelsea walked down to the song “Always.” Panic at the Disco was also the couple’s first concert together! When the dance floor opened the DJ made sure to add some the couple’s favorite pop/punk songs to the playlist.

Sometimes the bride and groom want their personality to show throughout the wedding. Other things the couple did to customize their event were things like a personalized cake topper. One that reflected their love for traveling. They also included a timeline of their relationship on the wedding program, and a unique hashtag. This way their guests could share photos they took.

Handkerchief to Dad

Chelsea’s note to her Dad

To reflect her love for the outdoors Chelsea wore beautiful ivy shaped diamond earrings. She also gave a personalized handkerchief to her father before the ceremony. It says: To my father; Of all the walks we’ve taken together, this will be the one I remember forever. Today I am a bride, tomorrow I am a wife. But I will always be your little girl. Love your daughter.”


Private ceremony for Bride and Groom Before Grand Entrance Picture on the River

Private Ceremony

Jarett was able to add his little flare to the wedding as well. The officiant for the wedding was one of the groom’s good friends! One popular trends brides and grooms are starting to do is to have a separate, private ceremony. After Jarett and Chelsea had said their vows in front of the guests, they adjourned to a separate site at Vecoma. Here they read more intimate vows before their grand entrance into the reception.

Bride and Groom Picture Together Jarett carrying Chelsea down the aisle

Unique Decorations

A wonderful idea for weddings is to have your decorations reflect your character.  Jarett and Chelsea were able to take advantage of the great rates for weekday events. They were also able to show off the things that were unique to them as a couple. Here are some more ideas that Chelsea and Jarrett used to have a customized wedding:

Outdoors wedding center piece

Outdoors wedding center piece!


Guest seating chart

Guest seating chart


Twin Tree sign in sheet

Chelsea and Jarrett had a friend create a unique sign in sheet for them. Their guests signed their name to be the leaves on the tree!

Having a customized wedding can be fun and romantic! If you would like to see more great ideas to improve your wedding visit Vecoma’s website!