One Super Wedding

Tangela and Demetric made the fabulous decision to have their wedding the morning of April 2nd! While their ceremony was very traditional, they decided to have the reception be a little more unique. The groom and the groomsmen changed into superhero costumes. While the bride pulled out a  bridal lightsaber! 

One of the benefits to having a wedding in the afternoon is you are able to take advantage of the lighting for photos! Tangela and Demetric were able to take advantage of the beautiful scenery in April!

Bridal party dressed up as superheroes during wedding reception

Who is who? 

In order (from left to right) the superheroes are: 

  • Static Shock
  • Red Hood
  • Captain America 
  • Nightwing 
  • Tangela (the bride) 
  • Demetric (Wearing a Darth Vader mask)
  • Spiderman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Thor 
  • Hawkeye wearing his “ronin” outfit from Avengers Endgame part II 

Spiderman themed groomscake, inside tuxedo is spiderman suit

The Cakes

For the “icing” on the cake, the groom had a Spiderman themed cake! The bridal cake was beautifully decorated with the wedding colors; blue, pink, and white flowers. The couple also had a personalized wedding topper that said “Mr. and Mrs. Sims.” It also had the wedding date of 4/2/2022.

Beautiful wedding cake with pink and blue flowers

The Wedding Ceremony 

While the reception was very fun and reflected what the bride and groom love, the ceremony was very traditional. Tangela and Demetric used Vecoma’s in-house officiant and added a beautiful unity candle to their ceremony. The unity candle is a tradition where the bride and groom light a candle together, to show their new unity. 

However, the highlight of the ceremony was when the ring bearer pulled the flower girl down the aisle in a wagon. The flower girl was Tangela and Sams,’s daughter, and they wanted to honor her in the ceremony!  

Son pulls sister in wagon down the aisle

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