Don’t “Fall” for it- Why you Don’t Want a Fall Wedding

Fall is overwhelmingly the most popular time to get married. Couples pick the fall because the temperatures are mild, the colors on the trees are gorgeous, and there is usually less rainfall. However, although a Fall date may look attractive on paper, people often forget about other great, more affordable seasons.  Here are some great reasons why you don’t want a fall wedding.

Bride and flower girl sitting together on grass during a summer wedding

This was a Summer wedding with the Bride and the Flower girl.

Fall Weddings are More Expensive

Fall dates are so sought after that wedding venues often have minimums and markups for fall dates. Most venues offer discounts for the winter and summer months since these are not as popular.

Bride with yellow bouquet posing with flower girl with matching bouquet

April wedding shenanigans

Less Daylight

Want great wedding photos?  You need great LIGHT!  Sometimes people don’t realize how early it gets dark during the fall. Weddings can be stressful and you don’t want to have to stress about daylight when you’re taking your pictures.

April wedding ceremony white flowers on arbor bride and groom holding hands

July Wedding Ceremony

Click to see more photos in July

Bride and Groom together with river running behind them

July Wedding

Many Dates in Fall are Already Booked

Fall dates get booked years in advance. If you want a prime Saturday in the fall, you might have to book a year or two in advance. If you’re looking to plan an event in under a year, your choice of dates may be more limited.

Wedding Reception hall with green napkins folded in triangles and matching sash across the table

April Wedding Reception

Bride and Bridesmaids together before ceremony in March

Bride and Bridesmaids in March

Cooler Temperatures

While it may be true that during the day the fall is much more hospitable as opposed to the summer, when night comes the Fall can be chilly. Bridesmaids in strapless gowns may get cold. Nights during the summer or spring are usually much more comfortable. 

Wedding Ceremony outdoors bride and groom surrounded by greenery and a river in the background

Wedding Ceremony outdoors in April

You Might Miss the Colors

Couples book the fall because they are hoping for the vibrant colorful trees. However, it is very hard to get the optimal day for this (and that’s assuming it’s not already booked.)

Football Season and Kids Sports

Many weddings during the fall open their dance floor to a bunch of guests who are streaming football on their phones. It’s very sad when all the groomsmen disappear during the reception, only to be found huddled around a phone in a dressing room. Kids’ sports are often in full swing in the fall. Sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse all have busy fall schedules.

Bride and groom kissing under a blooming tree in may

Crepe Myrtle Trees in full bloom in July at Vecoma

If you STILL Want a Fall Wedding

If you’re still not persuaded by the suggestions above, there are some things you can do to offset the mega costs of a fall wedding. Here are some tips: 


  •  Consider a Friday or Sunday 

Venues usually offer a cheaper rental rate for Friday and Sunday (and weekdays.) By having the wedding on a date other than Saturday, you can plan a long weekend celebration for your guests.  


  • Consider a Brunch Instead of a Dinner

Having a wedding during the daytime is an excellent option that many people don’t consider. Day weddings have an unlimited amount of daylight, so you have more time for pictures. You can also be creative and have a brunch menu and a mimosa bar. Day weddings are very fun and underrated events.  

Weddings are Great any Time of Year. 

If you still want a fall wedding; you should go for it. But weddings are great any time of year. When you start your planning process make sure to look at photos from all times of year. You might find ideas that spark your creative side, and open up the wide world of weddings to you! 

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