First Responders Tie the Knot

Paige and Greg are superheroes in real life. They are both firefighters and EMTs for Brevard County Fire Rescue in Florida. They got married on a beautiful Wednesday in September.              

Firefighter Wedding

Paige and Greg wearing their fire fighter jackets together after the reception

Paige and Greg

Bride wearing firefighter jacket, and cool glasses

Paige wearing firefighter jacket

The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen  

Paige and Greg’s wedding colors were white and blue. Paige’s bridesmaids wore long, navy blue dresses, and Greg’s groomsmen wore dark blue suits with black shirts and navy blue ties. To make the ceremony more intimate, Paige’s brother officiated the wedding. 

Bride and Groom kissing at the end of the ceremony

You may now kiss the bride


Bridesmaid and Groomsmen strike pose when walking down the aisle

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen strike a pose with beautiful September greenery

Groomsmen standing together looking at the camera

Firefighter Koozie  

For their guests, Paige and Greg provided personalized blue koozies that read “Costello Wedding”. Greg and Paige put them on the bar so all the guests could use them during the event! 

Party favor coaster with fire fighter logo

Firefighter Wedding Koozie

Bride and Brother dancing outside with sunny sunglasses

The Ceremony and Reception 

Paige and Greg wanted their guests to have fun during the wedding! That’s why the bridesmaids and groomsmen struck a funny pose as they walked down the aisle. The reception was filled with lots of country music line dancing.  Afterwards, Paige tossed the bouquet and the couple had a grand exit with sparklers.  


Bride and Groom dancing during the reception

Paige and Greg’a first dance

Bride throwing her bouquest at her wedding

Bouquet toss


For the decorations for the reception Paige used some beautiful blue flowers that were actually made out of wood. They went perfectly with the hurricane globes, candles, and wood slices that were conveniently provided by the venue. One of the best things about these wood flowers is that they can be reused for other events! 

Centerpeice with wooden flowers painted blue

Centerpiece with wood flowers

Gorgeous Nature Photos

Paige and Greg were able to capture stunning pictures by the river, and walking through the forest. They both love nature and they wanted to take some stunning outdoor shots. The secluded river front property provided an opportunity for the newlyweds to escape and have an intimate moment before the reception! 

Gown by: Essence of Aulstralia

Bride and Groom walking together hand in hand through woods

Greg and Paige standing near a river kissing after they are married

Congratulations Paige and Greg!