Love Letters on the Wedding Day!

It has become common for couples to write their own vows on their big day. But a new trend in the wedding world is for couples to also write each other letters on the big day. Instead of a “first look” the bride and the groom have someone from the bridal party bring a letter expressing their feelings for one another. 


Shanel and Leonard both wrote each other something personal to read the day of the ceremony.  This made the ceremony all the more personal to the couple, and they had something they could cherish for the rest of their lives.

The Bride is smiling while she reads a letter written by the groom before the wedding

Bride reading loving letter

The Wedding Party  

Shanel and Leonard wanted to have a more colorful ceremony. Shanel picked a different color for each of her bridesmaids, and Leonard wore a stylish gray suit with cufflinks with his initials. 

The Bridesmaids arrived wearing satin pajamas.

Bridesmaids all sitting in the bridesroom in their custom made pajamas

Bridesmaids in Bridal Suite

Shanel is standing with her bridesmaids after the ceremony laughing and having a good time

Shanel and her Bridesmaids


The Wedding Ceremony

Shanel had her father escort her down the aisle. She had a beautiful bouquet of white flowers and Pampas grass, that complimented the colorful scenery of Vecoma at the Yellow River. After the ceremony, the couple took stunning photos by the river. Bride walks down the aisle with her fatherBride walks down the aisle with her father


A skyview of Shanel and Leonards wedding ceremony, with all their guests watching them read their vows, and a river in the background

Shanel and Leonard’s wedding ceremony


Group photo of everyone who attended the wedding ceremony for Shanel and Leonard

Group photo of everyone who attended the wedding ceremony for Shanel and Leonard

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The Wedding Reception

Shanel and Leonard had their decorations for the reception mirror, their beautiful decorations for the ceremony. For the centerpieces, Shanel had wood slices and glass hurricane cylinders that were provided complimentary by Vecoma. For the flowers for the centerpieces, the bridesmaids used their bouquets so they all had a place to put them when they came in. 

The couple also had clear charger plates with a gold trim to compliment the rustic yet elegant centerpieces. 

Shanel and Leonards centerpieces with wood slabs, orange chandles, and the bride maids bouquets placed in the center

Shanel and Leonards centerpiece

Table setting for Shanel and Leonards wedding reception.

Table setting for Shanel and Leonard 

The Grand Send Off

Everyone waived Jamaican and Maryland flags, while Shanel and Leonard made their grand exit. While some weddings opt for bubbles or fireworks, Shanel and Leonard wanted to do something unique.

Shanel and Leonard do their grand send off with everyone waiving flags as they walk off

Grand Sendoff


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