Highschool Sweethearts Tie the Knot

Elizabeth and Dawson had always had the purest love for each other; on 10/22/22 they decided to tie the knot and finally get married! The stunning October day provided the perfect temperature for taking pictures outside. The leaves on the trees had just begun to change. This means that the couple was able to take advantage of the colorful scenery. The water of the Yellow River was pristine, and acted like a mirror reflecting the perfect day. Elizabeth and Dawson also enjoyed the calming and soothing trickle sound the river made. The sound provided the perfect atmosphere for them to gaze into eachothers eyes, while they vowed to spend their lives together.

Elizabeth and Dawson standing together on the banks of the river, after their wedding ceremony

Elizabeth and Dawson

Bride and Groom kissing on the banks of the river

Waterfront wedding venue

Elizabeth with her veil by the river

Elizabeth by the river

The Decorations

Elizabeth chose a soft sky blue for her bouquet and her bridesmaids dresses. The color pallet was a beautiful contrast with the warm orange of fall. The blue bouquets Elizabeth and the bridesmaids carried had a long stylish blue sash at the bottom of them. Elizabeths father also made a homemade folding board with pictures of the couples lives together. On it were pictures of them graduating together, Dawson proposing, and the adventures they had before marrige. Elizabeth and Dawson put the board at the top of the walkway for their guests, so everyone could see before they took their seat for the ceremony. If you would like to see more October Weddings click here. 

Bridesmaids helping Bride with her train after ceremony

Bride and Bridesmaids

Homemade DIY board that was built by the brides father, That has pictures of the couple throughout the years.

Homemade board with pictures

Tying the Knot at the Ceremony

Elizabeth and Dawson decorated the aisle with a poem they loved carved into the wood. They also had one of their groomsmen officiate the wedding. Their officiant had been teaching English in Japan and flew all the way across the ocean for their wedding. To celebrate their love, Elizabeth and Dawson lit a unity candle and took it home with them so they always have a keepsake of their special day. Like their love the candle burns bright.

Bride and Groom Kissing after the ceremony! Bride and groom tie the knot

Elizabeth and Dawson tying the knot at Vecoma

Bride and Groom exiting arbor after getting married

End of the Ceremony

The Reception

After the stunning ceremony it was time for the couple to start the reception. As the sun went down the lights were turned on and Elizabeth and Dawson danced the night away. To fit the soft rustic theme of the event Elizabeth took advantage of the many photo opportunities Vecoma has to offer. When you have a wedding party that loves you, taking pictures can be one of the most fun things you can do at your wedding! After the night was done Elizabeth and Dawson rode out in style! Making their grand exit to music and all of their beloved guests blowing bubbles at them! The couples exit was triumphant and magical!

Bride standing in front of outdoor chimney with groomsman for wedding.

Bride & Groomsmen

Bridal Part all having fun about to start the reception

Bridal party about to start the reception

Grand bubble exit with everyone outside cheering as they walk to their getaway car

Grand Exit

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