Top Ten Unique Wedding Dresses for 2023

Stop the presses! It turns out there is no law saying you MUST wear white on your wedding day. Instead some brides have been taking the internet by storm by choosing something non traditional. Having a unique wedding dress might be the crown gem that makes everyone talk about your wedding for years to come! Some weddings are themed, some brides wear short dresses, and some like to add just a touch of color. These are the top ten unique wedding dresses for 2023!

1. Dresses with Capes

I know what you’re thinking, Superheroes are supposed to be for the groom. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about those kinds of capes. Instead were talking about long sashes that cascade from the shoulders of your wedding dress. Here is a real wedding (not staged) with a bride with a wedding cape. 

Bride with long see through cape attatched to wedding dress

Bride in woods with cape

Bride with bridal cape, Bride has long red hair that is curly

Red hair White Cape

Groomsmen holding brides cape in front of the arbor where the couple got married. A white sash is tied around it with greenery

Bride with Cape and Groomsmen

Bride standing with her Dad and her mother. Bride is holding her flowers,

Bride standing with Dad and Mom

Bride and Dad seeing eachother before the ceremony. Dad has his arms outstretched to hug his daughter. Bride has a long bridal train.

Bride sees Dad before the wedding

2. Short (Cocktail) Wedding Dresses 

Sometimes Brides want the beauty of a long train on their dress, but not all the hassle. They want to be able to dance, and be able to mingle with their guests. That is why some Brides are opting for shorter dresses that are easier to move around in.  

Bride with a short cocktail wedding dress

Bride and groom kissing with a forest as the background. Bride has a short dress with a black trim. She also has a thin veil.

Bride with short white and black dress, and bridesmaids with black and red dresses

Woman standing on rock with husband wearing a short cocktail dress.

3. White Dresses with Touches of Color

A long emerald green sash was complemented by green flowers that ran along the edges of the dress. It went perfectly with the yellow wild flowers that were growing at Vecoma at the Yellow River. Other brides have their dress inlayed with beautiful black flowers, and a bouquet of white, red, and yellow. 

Bride wearing wedding gown standing next to bridesmaids wearing black dresses. Bride is holding big bouquet of flowers

White and black Wedding Dress

Long white dress with a green sash down the back. Bride standing in large field of flowers

4. You Don’t Have to Wear White at All!

Maybe you don’t want to wear a white dress at all for your wedding, but you are scared it what people will think. Don’t worry though, it’s been done before! Here was a bride who decided to wear a black wedding dress, and here was one who decided to wear a blue dress!

Bride with green hair wearing a black dress with two of her best friends standing being friends

Bride and Groom standing in front of ceremony cite holding hands. Bride has a long dress

Bride wearing a blue dress instead of a white one, and Groom is wearing a Navy uniform


Bride with auburn hair and long green dress, standing on river embankment with groom, touching foreheads

5. Custom Designs 

Maybe you have been shopping around, but no where you look has something that catches your eye. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to order something custom! This bride had her dress especially built with a detachable train. It also was a lovely shade of pink!

Bride standing with bridesmaids all holding flowers. Brides dress has a long train that detaches at the bottom.

Bride and Groom making grand exit to sparklers

6. Sparkling Sequin Dresses

Some brides want to shine bright like a diamond for their wedding. Here were some dresses that sparkled in many different colors. 

Family of bride and groom standing with three dogs, one belgian shepard, one jack russel, and one begal. Bride has a pink sparkling sequin dress.

Bride with a sparkling sequin black dress

7. Not Wearing a Dress at All! 

Some Brides opt for not having a dress at all. Instead some brides opt for formal white pant suits!

Two women getting married both wearing suits

Pant Suits for wedding

8. BoHo Themed!  

“BoHo” is the new “in” style and it is short for “Bohemian” These brides were able to blend this unique style into an elegant and joyous wedding! They had little add ons to their wedding dresses to really make it pop!

Boho Bride & Groom Table Boho-Chic Outdoor Wedding Party

Bride standing with bridesmaid holding a bouquet covered in different flowers Boho wedding where bride has a crown of flowers

9. Wedding Dresses with Key Details! 

Some Brides have a part of their dress built a special way. Whether it be a long train, or a low back these brides decided to have their dress stand out in a different way. These wedding dresses were able to stand out and make the bride look good!

Bride in bridal dress with a long slit so she can show her leg Bride and groom in woods and the bride has a long bridal train

10. Themed Weddings! 

Some couples decide they want to go all out with a theme! Things like Midsummer Nights Dream are common, but everyone knows the craze this year is Game of Thrones! Or instead of having traditional wedding vows, why not make the unbreakable one from Harry Potter.

Bride and groom with groom wearing a suit of armor Bride holding a medeval sword pointing down behind her back Bride and groom dressed in all black both holding wands

Do you have an idea for a Unique wedding dress?

If you are thinking about having a “non-traditional” wedding dress for your big day don’t be afraid to say so! Maybe these brides can give you some inspriation for what you want, whether it be a long elegant cape, or a dress with more than one color besides white! If you would like to get started planning your theme wedding, why don’t you give us a call at (770) 972-6540. Or visit our website here: Vecoma at the Yellow River. Also if you are intrested in seeing more unique weddings like this, visit our Pinterest Boards.