A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, lovebirds said “I do” in a Star Wars-themed wedding that was truly out of this world.

If you’re a Star Wars fan who’s planning a wedding, why not take your love for the franchise to the next level and incorporate it into your big day? From decor to attire, there are countless ways to add a touch of the Force to your celebration. In this post, we’ll explore some creative ideas and inspiration for hosting the ultimate Star Wars wedding. So grab your lightsabers and get ready to geek out with us!

Star Wars Themed Wedding Parties 

Groomsmen in particular love to be funny and include Star Wars clothing or accessories. 

Groom and Groomsmen wearing tuxedos and matching star wars helmets.


Star Wars helmets made a great addition to the centerpiece items for the head table of the wedding party! 

Stormtrooper helmets on the head table for the bridal party, at a wedding

Funky Lego Storm Troopers look cool holding escort cards for guests. Instead of traditional table numbers, name tables after planets from the movies. 

Little mini lego clone troopers who are holding up

Unfortunately the groom wasn’t allowed to say the legendary Han Solo “I know” line during the vows. 

A stand showing a framed picture of a bride and groom dressed as Leia and Han Solo from Star Wars

Socks and Blocks 

Bryan was blessed to have groomsmen that he had known since childhood. They all decided to get special unique socks to wear for the wedding. Bryan had Darth Vader. His Groomsmen gifted him a Lego Star Wars clone gunship. 

Red and Black Darth Vader Socks Groomsmen surprise groom with Lego Star Wars clone ship

Fun Groom Cake Ideas 

Groom cake at wedding in the shape and style of the millenium Falcon. The knife is a lightsaber hilt

Usually the one thing the Groom is allowed to decide for the wedding is his cake. While some are decorated as a simple tuxedo, others are fun and different. This Groom decided to not only have his cake be the Millenium Falcon, but also have a lightsaber to cut it with. 

Star Wars Garter

 There are even some brides who love to get in on the action. This bride chose to have a Star Wars Garter with Darth Vader on it. The groom and groomsmen had a lot of fun pretending to use the force, and ended up with some amazing photos. They also all had matching socks and cufflinks to show their allegiance to the Empire.   

Picture of the brides leg with a white and black darth vader garter Groom force choking his groomsmen with their feat levitating off the ground Groom force pushing his groomsmen and them all flying backwards Star Wars socks with black Darth Vader for the groom and White Socks for the groomsmen Bride and Groom holding lightsabers at the spot they just got married

R2 D2 As the ring bearer

R2D2 the droid in front of the arbor who was the ring bearer for the wedding ceremony

The bride surprised the groom with a ring bearer like no other, an R2-D2 droid that rolled down the aisle and presented the rings during the ceremony.

Make your wedding about you! 

Bridal party dressed up as comic book characters.

Tangela and Demetric had their entire wedding party dressed up as superheroes for their big day! While Demetric saved the coolest character (Darth Vader) for himself, the couple got so many wedding pictures that were unique, and special to them. Their guests also had a great time taking pictures with all the wonderful characters! 


Do you want to plan a fun Star Wars themed wedding? 

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