How Vecoma Celebrates Pride!

June is National Pride month, a time to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community. At Vecoma at the Yellow River, we take immense pride in being a venue that embraces love in all its forms. We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the LGBTQ+ couples who have chosen Vecoma as the setting for their special day. We also want to share some helpful tips and inspiring ideas for those in the LGBTQ+ community who are planning their own unforgettable wedding.

Two women both wearing bridal dresses standing in front of a shimmering river

Jenifer and Alison

Jenifer and Alison, a remarkable couple, celebrated their love amidst the vibrant fall colors. In a beautiful display of individuality, they each chose unique bridal dresses and carried their own distinct bouquets. The bouquet toss at the end of the night became an exciting competition, as all of their bridesmaids (and bridesmen) had not one but TWO chances to catch the bouquet and potentially be the next ones to say “I do!”

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Same two brides doing a double bouquet toss to all their friends on a dance floor

Alex and Anthony

For Alex and Anthony, creating a memorable grand exit was a priority. They opted for a sparkler grand exit, which provided a stunning photo opportunity as they walked through a tunnel of light. Additionally, they added a personal touch by having fun with their guests, drawing letters and creating playful moments. As a symbol of unity, they also incorporated a sand ceremony into their wedding, blending two different colors of sand together to represent their unbreakable bond, just like two individuals joining in marriage.


Two recently married men walk out of their wedding with a line of sparklers on both sides People use sparklers to spell out the word "Love" to show their support for gay marrige Picture of two male hands both with rings on them. Two men at an alter outdoors getting married both pouring sand into a jar


Jessica and Sheena:

Theme weddings can infuse your special day with enchantment, and that’s precisely what Jessica and Sheena did. Being devoted Disney fans, they decided to model their wedding after their favorite movie, “Beauty and the Beast.” Their celebration was a delightful blend of romance and fairy tale magic, capturing the essence of their love story.


Two women getting married but the theme of the wedding is beauty and the beast Two women who just were married walking out of the alter to cheering applause


Vecoma at the Yellow River proudly supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ weddings during Pride month and throughout the year. We wholeheartedly embrace diversity, equality, and love in all its forms. If you are a couple searching for a wedding venue, we invite you to consider Vecoma at the Yellow River! Let us help you create an unforgettable wedding experience that celebrates your love, your way. If you would like to contact us click here!