Ambria and David’s Big Bridal Party

It was a beautiful November evening when Ambria and David tied the knot.  The air was crisp and cool, and the trees were still filled with the yellows and oranges of autumn.  Their big bridal party of 23 people really stole the show!

The groom wore a red velvet suit with a matching bowtie and red shoes.  His groomsmen wore light gray suits with his men of honor in teal vests and bowties.  While the rest of the groomsmen wore red vests and bowties.

The Titular Big Bridal Party

The bride wore a gorgeous mermaid style wedding gown and carried a bouquet of white and purple flowers.  Her maids of honor wore teal dresses, her bridesmaids wore burgundy, and her junior bridesmaids wore light pink.  They also carried small hoops decorated with flowers instead of the usual bouquet.  Getting ready, the bridesmaids also had cute matching red robes with their names on the back.  They had a very large bridal party with 15 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen!

They had lovely place settings with teal napkins and gold chargers.  As well as simple but elegant centerpieces with wood topped with vases filled with water and floating candles and wreaths with eucalyptus and red flowers.  Their sweetheart table was decorated with light pink and red roses.  They even had matching Mr. and Mrs. champagne flutes.

The wedding cake was also decorated with pink and red flowers.  Additionally, they had a desert table filled with some of their favorite deserts like cookies, mini pies, and cups of banana pudding.  The groom was a big Auburn fan so of course they had to have an Auburn tigers themed groom cake.

Their Second Line

The night ended with a fantastic second line dance.  The bride and groom had matching Mr. and Mrs. parasols as they led the parade around the room.  Guests had teal handkerchiefs to wave around as they danced.

Ambria and David’s November wedding was a kaleidoscope of color and charm, set against the backdrop of autumn’s golden hues. From the groom’s bold red velvet suit to the bridesmaids’ array of teal, burgundy, and pink, every detail exuded personality and warmth. Their elegant decor, with teal accents and golden chargers, created an atmosphere of romance, complemented by the flower hoops carried by the bridesmaids. The indulgent dessert table, featuring their favorite treats and a playful Auburn Tigers-themed groom’s cake, added a touch of individuality to the celebration. As the night culminated in a joyous second line dance, complete with matching parasols and teal handkerchiefs, Ambria and David’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of love and the unforgettable moments shared with family and friends.