Frequently Asked Questions

Vecoma at the Yellow River in Atlanta, GA

For couples looking for a romantic and intimate wedding venue with a mountain/forest/waterfront vibe while still being close to home, Vecoma at the Yellow River is the perfect spot!  It sits peacefully on the river and offers both outdoor and indoor ceremony sites that are equally beautiful.  Vecoma is located on the border of Dekalb and Gwinnett County near Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lilburn, Snellville, Athens, and Lawrenceville.  It is easily accessible by the interstate!

Vecoma is surrounded by a 70-acre forest right on the waterfront!  The natural setting offers so many amazing photo locations on the property!

Vecoma is also the perfect setting for company meetings, retreats, rehearsal dinners, memorial services, and more!

Vecoma maintains a high level of quality for events.
For this reason, all food, beverages, and linens must come through Vecoma.


How much is it to book a date?
For events booked more than 7-months out: $600
For events booked less than 7-months out: $1,300
For events booked 2-months out: ½ the estimated balance

What is the payment schedule?

*If booking more than 7 months away from your date:

  • $600 to reserve the date (*$500 is your damage deposit)
  • $500 payment two months after booking
  • $1,100 payment eight months after booking
  • $700 payment seven months before the event
  • ½ the estimated balance 60 days before the event
  • Final headcount and remaining balance 2 weeks before the event

*If booking less than 7 months away from your date:

  • $1300 to reserve the date
  • $500 payment two months after booking
  • ½ the estimate balance 60 days before the event
  • Final headcount and remaining balance 2 weeks before the event

*Damage deposit returned within 30 days after event.

Can you hold a date for me?

Our dates are first-come first-served. We cannot reserve a date without (both) a deposit and signed facility lease agreement.

How far in advance can I book my event?

Our books are open 18-months prior to a date.

Is it too late for me to book my event?

We accept bookings up to 2-weeks in advance!

Can I book online?

Yes! Just reach out to us by phone or email to confirm availability of the date and we can send you a contract to e-sign with payment instructions for the deposit!

What forms of payment do you accept?

In-person we accept: Debit/Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, & Cash*
Online we accept: Debit/Credit cards on our website at
Through Banking we accept: Zelle Payments sent to

Please note we do not accept payments over the phone or keep cards on file for your safety and ours.

Please note any payment made during your event (adding time, extra guest fees) can only be paid with a debit/credit card or cash*.                                                       *Exact change only

Are there discounts on larger events?

Ask us about our deals for parties over 150 guests!

Are there off-peak months where discounts are available?

Discounts are available: Winter: January/February/December, Summer: June/July/August. Just ask us!

Why does my invoice balance seem higher than what I was quoted?

A $500 damage deposit is applied to all events and may or may not have been included in the total during your proposal. This fee is refundable within 30 days after your event as long as there are no damages or violations. The $500 damage deposit is paid when you make your initial deposit on the event.

Why is the menu price on the website less than what is listed on my quote?

On the website it states that a 20% service charge will be added to all food and beverages. Your quote is all-inclusive of taxes, fees, and service charges.

How can I see my current balance?

We highly recommend keeping a record of your balance and payments on your own. But just in case – send us a quick email and we can forward your invoice to you.

Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

We don’t think you need to – but you are more than welcome to! Vecoma already handles a lot of the big stuff for your special day – food and beverage, room layout, ceremony coordination, timelines, & general planning. You do need to make sure you have someone (outside of the wedding party) available to set up your decorations and personal items for the event.

When do we meet with you again to go over details?

We typically meet twice before the event – Once at 2-months prior to the event, and again 2-weeks prior to the event to finalize. At these meetings we will go over room layout, food & beverage, timelines, get a list of any outside vendors, and also make sure all of your questions are answered – bring a list!

What if I need to make a change sooner than my planning meeting?

You can always reach out to us by phone or email to let us know of any adjustments we need to make to your package invoice. We are happy to help!

How long do I have to finalize all of the details for my event?

You are free to make any changes to your invoice (headcount, food & beverage, add-ons) up until 2 weeks before your event. At your 2-week meeting we will finalize all details on your invoice and we will accept your final payment. After this point we cannot make any changes or exceptions.

Do I need to include myself and the groom in the headcount?

Yes, bride and groom are to be included in your final headcount. Don’t forget grandma either! :)

Do I need to include my DJ/Photographer/Videographer/Planner in my guest count?

It is a common courtesy to provide a meal for your vendors during your event. We suggest including your vendors in part of your food and beverage purchase. This would be for any vendors who spend the majority of the day with you – DJ, Photo, etc. You would not need to include delivery persons like cake vendors, florists, etc.
We do not offer separate vendor meals; you will be charged based on the per person amount for the menu you have selected.

Are kids included in the headcount?

Yes, you need to include all children 4-years and older in your headcount. Children 3-years and under are not included in your headcount.

What if more guests attend than are guaranteed on the final count?

If more than the confirmed number of guests show up, you will be asked to pay for the extra guests at the event. Please have a credit card available. The charge will be the cost of food and beverage plus a 10% penalty for each guest.

It looks like your prices have increased since I booked – will I have to pay the new price?

Once you have an event booked your rates are locked-in.

What if I have overpaid for my event?

If a credit is present after your event is paid-in-full and there have been no damages, add-ons, penalties, or other necessary adjustments, then a refund may be returned minus a 5% processing fee. Your refundable damage deposit does not incur this processing fee- only overages.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your event more than 8-months before the date, a refund of $200 will be processed (regardless of the amount of funds previously paid).

If you cancel your event less than 8-months before the date, all monies paid are non-refundable.
Your contract includes a clause that covers a full refund in the event that we are unable to host your event. This clause is only utilized in the event of: (1) A tornado or weather event damages our building and we are unable to provide services, or (2) if either party in the couple passes away. Please note this only applies for the couple and would not apply to other family members. You will designate someone on your contract to receive the funds in the event one of these tragedies listed occurs.

What if Covid-19 or another pandemic occurs and I cannot host my event?

If the State of Georgia were to issue another government mandate requiring us to close our facility, then we would look in to postponing your event- usually 6-months out (but variable). If you decide to cancel your event the standard cancellation policy still applies.


How long is the rental time at Vecoma?

Our initial rental rate starts at 7 hours and includes 2 hours prior to your ceremony for set-up and photographs, 4 hours of private use for your ceremony and reception, and 1 hour of breakdown. You are not permitted to exchange any amount of setup or breakdown time to extend your reception.

Do you only host weddings?

No! We host all types of events: Corporate events, Galas, Birthdays (incl. Quinces & Mitzvahs), Retirements, Memorials, Holiday Parties, and more!

Does Vecoma events or weddings during the week?

Yes! Vecoma has weekday rates for weddings & events.

Can I add extra time?

If you wish to extend your ceremony and reception beyond 4 hours you must purchase additional time. Extra time may be purchased for $410/hour or $205/half hour (additional bar time is prorated as necessary). Events finalized with 150 or more guests receive an additional 30 minutes event time complimentarily. Daytime weddings add additional time to the front end of their rental (unless otherwise approved), and evening weddings add additional time to the back end of their rental. Please note that additional rental time does not include any extensions for bar or in-house DJ/Photo services – these will have their own separate extension fees

If I have an evening wedding, how long can I stay?

We are not bound by any county restrictions are far as the length for event rentals, so you could stay as long as you’d like given that you pay for the additional rental time ($410/hr). If you have an extended bar service, please note that they have to be closed by 1:30am per county ordinance.

What is included in the facility rental?

This fee includes: private use of the facility and grounds, tables, chairs, basic centerpieces, plates, glassware, flatware, complimentary cake cutting, clean-up, dance floor, 2 hours for set-up and an on-site wedding consultant.

Does the reception time include the clean-up and breakdown?

No. Clean up and break down begins after your event rental time concludes.

What is the Daytime wedding time frame?

Daytime ceremonies begin any time on the half hour up until 11:00am. Daytime events will end no later than 3:00pm. If by chance it is available, a timeframe of 12:00pm – 4:00pm may be scheduled, but this opportunity is not a guaranteed for all dates.

What time do the evening weddings start?

Evening wedding start times vary by the month of the year. Spring weddings begin at 6:00pm or 6:30pm. Summer weddings begin at 7:00pm or 7:30pm (this really helps with the Georgia heat factor!). Fall weddings begin at 6:00pm or 6:30pm. After daylight savings in the Fall, weddings will begin between 5:00pm and 5:30pm. Winter weddings typically begin at 4:00pm or 4:30pm for outdoor, but can begin later if an indoor ceremony is planned.

What time can I arrive?

The wedding party can arrive during the 2-hour period before the ceremony. We ask that any guys come already dressed so that they can immediately start taking pictures. We also ask that any girls arrive with hair and makeup already done. Girls can finish dressing in the bridal suite once they arrive and then swap with the guys for photos.

When can vendors arrive for set-up?

Outside vendors and decorators can arrive no more than 2 hours prior to your event. No exceptions.

Can my cake be delivered early?

Due to our limited space and strict time schedules, we cannot allow cakes to be delivered early. They must arrive during the 2-hour time frame before your ceremony. Our staff does not handle cakes or desserts until they are ready to be cut and served.

Can I store my flowers in your coolers?

We cannot allow flowers to be stored in our coolers due to health code restrictions.

Can I leave my items after the event and pick them up the next day?

All personal items, décor, gifts, and leftover desserts must be removed at the conclusion of your event. You are permitted to leave items that you want thrown away and our staff will handle that for you. Any items that belong to a florist/decorator must also be removed at the conclusion of your event. Vecoma is not responsible for any items that are left behind.

What time does my decorator need to come for breakdown?

We recommend your florist/decorator returns 15 mins prior to the end of your event to start breakdown and packing up their belongings. Breakdown begins at the end of your rental time and should conclude within 1-hour afterwards. If your vendors exceed this time and our staff has to wait for them to vacate you will incur a fee.


Who directs the ceremony and rehearsal?

A Vecoma staff member will assist you with the rehearsal and ceremony. If you hire an event planner/coordinator, they are welcome to direct the rehearsal and ceremony, but a Vecoma staff member will still be present for assistance.

When is my rehearsal?

Your rehearsal will be scheduled one month in advance and will be based on our availability. Don’t worry – most couples are able to rehearse the day before! We will rehearse at the ceremony site (if time permits) but please note that this is not guaranteed. Rehearsals are typically scheduled between 10am – 3pm the day prior, but we cannot guarantee a specific time until much closer to your event date. Scheduled events will always take priority over rehearsals – Vecoma reserves the right to change a previously scheduled rehearsal time when necessary. You will have 45 minutes to rehearse. Time is of the essence – You will not get extra time if you are late.

Who should be at the rehearsal?

Only the people involved in the actual wedding ceremony need to attend. Your officiant is not required to come, but they are welcome to. We do not rehearse music at the rehearsal so your DJ does not need to come. Please do not have extra guests come to your rehearsal as they cause a distraction – this includes spouses and children not involved in the wedding ceremony. Please have additional guests wait in our parking lot or send them ahead to your rehearsal dinner location.

Not everyone in my wedding party can make it to the rehearsal, what am I supposed to do?
No worries – we write down a detailed list for the ceremony processional and can easily direct anyone who missed it on what to do/where to go.

What happens if it rains? How soon do I need to decide if I want my wedding indoors or on the patio?

We can easily move your ceremony inside (capacity 300) or to the covered back patio (capacity 130) if there is inclement weather. We usually make this call during the 2-hour time frame before the ceremony. After the ceremony, your guests will enjoy refreshments while we rearrange the space(s). This usually takes less than 15 minutes.

It’s raining on my wedding day; do you have a portable arch available for plan B?

Yes, we have a metal archway that can be utilized on the back patio or indoors.

How is music handled for the ceremony? Where can my DJ/Musician plug in their equipment?

Most DJs/Musicians will play music from our covered back patio which is equipped with several outlets. Please ensure that they bring their own extension cords. If they prefer to be closer to the ceremony site, we do have one extension cord that runs down the side of the lawn for them to utilize. Please note we recommend they utilize the patio so they can receive cues for ceremony music easier and can also prepare for reception music much faster once the ceremony concludes. You DJ/Musician is required to bring all necessary equipment – including microphones.

Can I decorate the ceremony space with candles?

You can, but all candles need to be inside of a glass container or lantern.

Can I use silk/plastic/fake flowers for the ceremony?

Any loose rose petals for lining the aisle or the flower girl’s baskets must be REAL – loose plastic petals are not permitted! This goes for the outdoor ceremony space as well as the back patio. You are allowed to use silk flowers if they are in a combined arrangement and not in danger of losing any pieces. Silk petals are permitted only for indoor-use.

Is the back lawn ceremony site wheelchair accessible?

Since our paved pathway down to the ceremony site includes several stairs, we allow guests that utilize a wheelchair or have walking difficulties to be escorted down the opposite side through the grass (must have 2 escorts). If they prefer, they can also view the ceremony from up on our back patio which is a fabulous view!


How many guests can Vecoma accommodate?

Vecoma can accommodate 320 guests, reception style (no seating); 250 guests, seated inside and on the front and back patios; 150 guests seated inside only.

Is Vecoma handicapped accessible?
Vecoma has ramps up to the front of the building and onto our back patio. Our bathrooms each have one dedicated ADA compliant stall. We do not have a paved ramp down to our outdoor ceremony space but your guests can safely view the ceremony from the back patio.

Does Vecoma host same-sex weddings?

Absolutely! All of our couples are guaranteed to have the wedding of their dreams!

What services does Vecoma provide? What services can I bring in?

Vecoma will provide all of the catering and bar services. Officiant, DJ, and Photography are optional services that can be added on for a fee, or you can utilize your own vendors. You are responsible for hiring a florist, decorator, and cake baker. We have several highly recommended vendors for you to check out – just ask us!

Does Vecoma charge a cake cutting fee?

No! We offer complimentary cake cutting.

How much is your photographer?
Photography starts at $1,495 for 6 hours of coverage. Other packages available!

How much is your DJ?
DJ service starts at $835 for 4 hours. This would cover ceremony and reception music. The DJ service will add a small extension fee for any events over 4 hours.

How much is your officiant? Are they religious?

Our officiant service is $200. They are non-denominational and have a nice pre-written ceremony script. You are free to customize and add in your own special moments to your ceremony!

How many guests are seated at each table and what size is the table?

We usually seat 10 guests per table. The tables are 60” round. If you want to have 8 seats per table, keep in mind you would need to add more tables.

Can we bring in our own decorations?

Yes! Please note, you may not nail, staple, command-strip, or tape anything to the walls, mantle, or arbor ceremony site. Decorations may be tied on with floral wire or zip-ties. If using loose flower petals, petals outside must be real, as the artificial are bad for the environment. Silk petals are fine for inside use.
Please do not bring: rice, confetti, silly string, “biodegradable paper”, or birdseed. These are extremely difficult to clean up and may result in the loss of your security deposit. You will be required to bring any materials you will need for your decorations, ex: scissors, step stool, floral wire, buckets, etc.
Flowers must be trimmed outside of the building.
We request that someone outside of the bridal party be responsible for any decorating. This means no brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride or groom, or groomsmen. The bridal party must remain available for photos before the ceremony. Vecoma staff is not responsible for setting up your decor.

Can I bring in my own linens?

We recommend that all tablecloths and napkins come from Vecoma. If you wish to bring in your own tablecloths, table runners, chair sashes, and napkins, your decorator will be responsible for any tying, folding, and placing of these items. Our staff is not responsible for placement of any outside items brought to the venue. Tablecloths need to be brought the day before your event in order to not delay set up.

Can we bring in our own food and drinks?

Our policy states that we must provide all food and beverages (including alcohol) for all events.
Under certain circumstances we will allow up to four cultural outside dishes that must be approved by Vecoma and a food liability waiver must be signed and on file. You must still purchase a full buffet menu from Vecoma in order to be permitted to bring in these outside dishes. All food must arrive fully prepared and in disposable aluminum pans. Delivery only – use of our kitchen is strictly prohibited. There will be an added service charge of $25 per dish brought in.

If there is food left over, can we take it with us?

Health codes prohibit taking food off the premises, excluding your cake or dessert goods.

Can we order snacks and drinks during set-up time?

Yes! Snacks and drinks can be provided for the bridal party. Prices vary depending on your food and beverage choices. Clients are not permitted to bring in their own food or alcohol.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Georgia law prohibits any outside alcohol being brought onto the Vecoma premises, including the parking lot. Vecoma has very reasonable prices. Please see that your guests obey this law as you are responsible for your guests’ actions. Failure to abide by these rules will results in the loss of your security deposit.

What restrictions are there (if any) on photography?

Vecoma provides the very best photo opportunities. Vecoma has an in-house photographer or you may bring in your own. There are no restrictions on photography- we just ask that your photographer does not move any items or stand on any tables or chairs. We will provide a vendor agreement that your photographer must sign and return that goes over the rules of our facility.

What restrictions are there (if any) on music?

There are no restrictions on music. Vecoma has an in-house DJ or you may choose to bring in your own. Please be sure that if you bring in your own DJ that he or she has all their own equipment in working order and knows that they are responsible for making all announcements for the event. We will provide a vendor agreement that your DJ must sign and return that goes over the rules of our facility. We do reserve the right to request the volume to be lowered if the music is causing an issue among guests or is being played at unsafe decibel levels.

May I outline a specific floor plan for my event?

We are happy to provide you with a sample room layout to help you with your planning – just ask! We know the space the best, so we will be able to let you know what will and what will not work in the ballroom while keep the comfort of your guests in mind!

Do you allow the use of sparklers?

You will be required to sign a liability waiver and must pay an additional $30 clean up fee. The fee is non-negotiable.

Can we use Chinese floating lanterns, balloons, or fireworks for our send-off?

No, due to our heavily wooded area.

Are drones allowed?

Only outside of the building. Vecoma must also obtain a signed waiver from your drone operator.

Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is allowed outside on both the front and back patios. We will provide ash trays. Vaping is not permitted inside the building. Illegal smoke products are prohibited on the property.


What centerpieces are available for use?

We have square mirrors, glass fishbowls, glass votives, and glass hurricane globes. You can bring floating candles for the fish bowls, or pillar candles (6”-9” tall) or tapered candles (12″ tall) for the hurricane globes. We also offer three sizes of cylinders – 7.5″, 9.5″, and 12″ tall – you would need to bring the 3″ floating candles for these as well as the mini tealight candles for the votives. Vecoma offers decorative charger plates for $1/ea and linen napkins for $2/ea to accent your tables.

What are the measurements of the arbor?

8.5ft Tall, 7.5ft Wide, Depth is 3.5ft

What are the measurements of the fireplace?

Hearth: 4ft tall x 7ft wide.
Mantle: 7 ft-11in wide, 11in deep, 4.75in tall

Can I change the linen colors or styles?

Yes! We have several choices in colors and fabrics for your linens. You can upgrade to a color linen for $1 – $5 more per table depending on length. Prices for upgraded fabrics are dependent on the style chosen.

Can I change the cake table/highboy/misc. table linens?

Standard linens are included in your rental, but if you would like to change or specify the color or fabric of them then there would be an additional fee.

What other linen options are available?

Linen Napkins in your choice of color are $2 each which includes the fold and placement. We no longer offer table runners, or chair covers, but you are welcome to bring these in.

Can I bring my decorations before the day of my wedding?

You can bring your decorations the day of your rehearsal and store them in our basement. Please note that Vecoma is not responsible for items left on our premises. You must have your name on all items and organized in boxes. Do not bring perishable items – candies, flowers, etc.

Can I set up my décor before the day before my wedding?

No- we host several events each weekend and even events during the week so we must keep a strict schedule for décor.

I don’t think 2-hours is enough time for my decorator to set up, can they come in earlier?

We promise 2-hours is enough time to decorate! We highly recommend hiring professionals for your florals and décor as they will be able to set up quickly and efficiently. Additional set up time is rarely available, but if it did become available, then the additional $410/hr fee would apply.

Will your staff decorate?

Vecoma staff will take care of all set up of tables, chairs, in-house purchased linens, and the in-house centerpieces that are requested. Our staff is not responsible for placement of any outside décor that is brought to the venue. We request that you have someone outside of the wedding party to do your decorating.

Do you provide candles/florals for the centerpieces?

You will be responsible for bringing any flowers or candles – including the tea light candles that are placed inside of our glass votives. You will need 3” floating candles and the mini tealights with the metal bottoms. Please note that while we do allow the use of real candles, that all open flames must be contained in some form of a fire-safe glass container such as the glass votives, or a glass hurricane globe. Exposed candelabras are not permitted and will not be lit. Vecoma reserves the right to remove any item that is deemed unsafe or hazardous.


Can we bring in our own food and drinks?

Our policy states that we must provide all food and beverages (including alcohol) for all events.
Under certain circumstances we will allow up to four cultural outside dishes that must be approved by Vecoma and a food liability waiver must be signed and on file. You must still purchase a full buffet menu from Vecoma in order to be permitted to bring in these outside dishes. All food must arrive fully prepared and in disposable aluminum pans. Delivery only – use of our kitchen is strictly prohibited. There will be an added service charge of $25 per dish brought in.

Can I just order appetizers off the a-la-carte menu?

Though you are welcome to include appetizers in your package, these cannot be added in lieu of a meal. You must purchase a full-service meal for all of your guests.

If there is food left over, can we take it with us?

Health codes prohibit taking food off the premises, excluding your cake or dessert goods.

Can we order snacks and drinks during set-up time?

Yes! Snacks and drinks can be provided for the bridal party. Prices vary depending on your food and beverage choices. Clients are not permitted to bring in their own food or alcohol.

Can you provide “late night snacks”?

Of course! We have some great options available to come out after dinner service.

Do you have a kid’s menu?

There is an option to add chicken tenders & french fries for children 4-12 years old.

Do you have a discount for kids?

Children 4-12 can be half-price if you are purchasing one of our regularly priced menus. Our weekend special menus are not eligible for this discount.

Are all of your menus served buffet style?

Our standard menus are all served buffet style. You may request sit down service for an additional charge. Plated meals are $5 more per person.

Where do you set up the buffet?

Most of the time the buffet will be set up on our covered back patio. It can also be set up inside the ballroom if space permits.

My guests have allergies/special diets, can you accommodate for them?

Yes, we can customize your menu to accommodate any dietary restrictions. This could include recipe alterations for a full meal (omitting, adding, etc.) or preparing personal plates for specific guests. Additional fees may apply.

What items are on your vegan/vegetarian menu?

We do not have pre-set menus for any restrictive diets. We can offer a few suggestions, but we encourage you to come up with a menu for any special guests that need this accommodation. Our menus are very flexible!

Do you only offer Southern American cuisine?

No! We have prepared all sorts of cuisines over the years including Caribbean, Indian, and Mediterranean dishes.

Can I change the side dishes on my menu?

Yes, your menu is fully customizable. Some items may be subject to a small upgrade fee.

Do you provide any desserts?

We do not readily offer desserts since we allow you to bring in your own. We have a few items available on a limited secret menu – just ask!

How can I taste the food?

We host an Open House food sampling event usually twice a year (Winter/Summer) when we have the availability. If you cannot make it to one of these events, we can look into scheduling a sample pick-up if available. If you would like a private tasting event, these start at $75 per person (up to 6 guests, no children) – pricing increases based on type and quantity of items served. There is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate a private tasting before your event due to our ever-changing schedule – for this reason we highly recommend coming to one of our events or picking up a sample.

Beverage / Alcohol

What drinks are included?

All events have water, sweet tea, coffee, and lemonade included. These beverages are included in our three open bar packages, or added per person if you do not have alcohol services. If you do not purchase an open bar package, you will still be required to pay for the non-alcoholic beverage package at the per person price. This is non-negotiable. Sodas outside of an open bar package are additional cost.

What bar options do you have?

We have several open bar package options for you to choose from:
Beer & Wine $20.50/pp
Beer, Wine, & House Liquors $22.50/pp
Beer, Wine, & Call Liquors $28.00/pp
Card (Cash) Bar Setup $500
Brunch Bar $10.00/pp (daytime only)

Why do I have to include kids for an open bar?

Pricing for the open bar is based on a weighted average and must include the entire guest count. Open bar packages include unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and include a complimentary appetizer (with 75 or more guests) – so all guests will be utilizing the package in some way.

How does a cash bar work?

You would pay a $500 setup fee that includes the bar, bartender, and products. This fee does not go towards any beverages. Your guests will be able to purchase their own drinks (card-only). You can also pre-pay on this bar to cover a few drinks for your guests, but this is not required. You can pre-pay any amount. The cash bar does require that at least $500 (in addition to the set up fee) is spent by your guests, or the difference will be deducted from your damage deposit as a penalty.

How much is a champagne toast?

Prices start at $245 for 75 guests. The pouring service is included in the price. A non-alcoholic option can be included by request.

Can I have a formal toast with a non-alcoholic drink?

Yes, we can provide a sparkling cider toast for your guests. The fee is the same, starting at $245 for 75 guests.

What beer selections are available?

Our current rotation includes Yuengling draft, Michelob Ultra (bottle), and Corona (Bottle). Other imports, seltzers, and crafts can be added for an additional fee.

What wine selections are available?

Our current rotation includes Lindeman’s branded wines: Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Red Blend. Other wine cellars or types can be added for an additional fee. Open bars typically include at least three types: two whites and one red.

What is included on the brunch bar?
The brunch bar includes two vodka-based cocktails and a sparkling mimosa: screwdrivers, a brunch punch, and orange/cranberry juice mimosas. You can switch out the brunch punch and add “Bloody Mary’s” with all of the fixings for $1 more per person.